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Nearby Attractions

There is no end to the incredible views and places to visit. Walking trails, ocean views and a rich history is what Pilley’s Island is all about.

Walking Trails

Just a stone’s throw from your accommodations you’ll find walking trails stretching throughout the area. 

Methodist Church

Pilley’s Island Methodist Church, Churchyard and School is a collection of structures and landscapes comprising a late-19th century Gothic Revival church building, a graveyard and a mid-20th century school building. 

Methodist School

Pilley’s Island Methodist School is a good example of the middle period of school construction in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Heritage Centre

Discover the rich history in the Hertage Centre, right next door!

Spencer’s Dock

Experience the beautiful scenery in nearby Spencer’s Dock.

Whale Pavilion

Engage in an informative tour with a curator, and learn about the nature of the great Sperm Whale. Discover how the 13 meter skeleton made its way to this world class exhibit. 


Other Nearby Attractions

It’s not hard to fill up your days with stunning backdrops and majestic scenery.

Sightseeing, Icebergs & More

You never know what you’re going to see in the majestic waters surrounding PIlley’s Island. Whales, birds, icebergs & more.

Pyrite Mine

Pilley’s Island pyrite mine operated between 1887 and 1908 under at least five different owners. It was the first mine in the province to install electric lights underground for 24 hour operation. 

Boat Tours
Your ocean adventure awaits with skipper Mike of Badger Bay Boat Tours. Breath in the beauty of Newfoundland ‘s ancient rocky shoreline from your ocean based vantage point. Check out icebergs, whales, waterfalls, ship wrecks, mussel farms and a sea cave called Nanny’s Hole.
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